6 Reasons You Should Consider A Bio Digester For Your Dream House In 2021

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So the background to this blog post is simple.

In a conversation with a newly wed couple who had relocated to Ghana and were thinking of acquiring a property at one of these newly built estates in Accra-Ghana, it became clear they were not happy with where the septic tank was located and were looking at what other options were available if there were any at all.  

Thats when I told them about this wonderful new technology called a simple onsite biodegradable toilet waste bio digester.

As has been explain in other posts bio digester is simply a bio degradable toilet waste technology that breaks down solid waste for safe and easy disposal in the environment.

This is in sharp contrast to a traditional septic system which essentially is a large tank designed to hold human biological waste material until natural bacterial action breaks it down into gases, water and solids which must be periodically dislodged.

Bio digester are effectively helping to help improve the sanitation situation in most homes in Ghana today because of some of the advantages they have over manholes and septic tanks.

Here are the SIX reasons why you should install a bio digester this year;

1.– You don’t need a big land space to construct a bio digester

If designed and constructed well a Standard Size Family Size bio digester should not take more than 4 feet at the back or side of your 3/4 bedroom house. Simple put this digester measures 5 and half feet at the length, 2 and half feet at the width and the depth could also be three feet. 

This means that unlike having to get a large space in this era of economising land space which usually ranges between 10 feet to as much as 20 feet, all that you require is a five feet maximum to do a bio digester.

2.– Bio digesters can be installed in a day

Yes biodegradable toilet digesters can be constructed in a day. If the installer is using prefabricated slabs it shouldn’t take more than 5 hours for a bio digester to be completed ready for us by the home owner.

If the installer is using blocks then obviously the top slab would have to be done onsite and must be allowed to dried the following day before the digester is sealed. 

So unlike the septic tank system that requires in some cases not less than two weeks, you wouldn’t have to worry about buying all those things and the headache associated with it. 

3-Bio digesters cost less to install compare to other waste solutions

Closely link to the last point for which reason it can be installed in a day is the fact that bio digesters cost less to construct!! YES!

They are cheaper to install (as compare to digging a manhole or buying culverts for septic sewage tanks).

Even the idea of digging all those feet’s and doing all those concrete works makes bio digesters your best bet any time any day!!!.

4– Content from bio digesters do not breed flies and is odourless

Because bio degradable waste bio digesters uses anaerobic digestion technology whereby microorganisms break down human waste in an oxygen-free environment, the holding tank would not breed flies and remains odourless. 

This process takes place after toilet waste together with the flush water have been brought in a chamber through a normal water closet.

Rapid separation of both human solid waste and water occurs through filtration and in the absence of air in a way that odor is not generated.

5– Bio digesters are environmentally safe, bio degradable and easily disposable

Bio digesters are the most environmentally safe and highly improved means of treating toilet waste water in Ghana today.

The use of locally sourced materials like the coconut fiber means that they are safe for the environment. They are easy to maintain and do not come at any additional cost to the home owner.

6– You do not need a truck to dislodge human waste-No more dislodging

There have been some misconception about this saying.

But what we are simply saying is that with a bio digester you don’t need a typical truck to show up saying they are there to empty your tank.

Because digesters uses an anaerobic digestion process, solid waste after a cycle (which usually last between 5 to 8 years) breaks down by itself and can easily be disposed.

No septic sludge is stored and the system as a result has a unique odour free operation guarantee.

Bonus Point

7. Ground water is not affected

Water is directed into top soils between 2-4 feet depth where microbial activities are most active. This means that ground water like your bore hole is not affected.

Nutrients are removed by soil bacteria decomposition. A good design and construction will ensure that the digester be installed  above ground level and therefore would not typically have no more than a week of decomposed contents in them.