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The biofil bio digester toilet system in Ghana uses micro organisms to break down biodegradable human solid waste materials in an oxygen free environment.

This process takes place after toilet waste together with the flush water have been brought in a chamber through a normal water closet. Enroll in bio digester Construction training course

Imagine having access to a private tutor to teach you all that you need to know about bio digesters, including the latest trends in their construction and installation and in there process having a first hand understanding how these eco friendly bio waste digesters work.

Luckily we have designed a complete video course on how to construct a biofil bio digester and all you need to know about this technology.

Here are some of the topics you’re going to learn in this course:

  • What is a bio digester?
  • How Do Bio Digesters Work?
  • How To Construct A Bio Digester (Step-By-Step) Video Guide
  • Where and How To Treat The Toilet Waste Water (The Safest Way)
  • Replacing Septic Tanks With A Bio Digester (How To Go About It)
  • How To Construct a Bio Digester In a Waterlogged Area
  • Bio Digester Chemical Treatment Use

If you want to get an in depth knowledge about how these biodegradable toilet waste digesters work, then check it out here to have access to all the tutorial materials including pdf guide and videos.

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