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The biofil bio digester toilet system in Ghana uses anaerobic digestion technology whereby microorganisms break down biodegradable material in an oxygen-free environment. 

This is whereby micro organisms break down biodegradable human solid waste materials in an oxygen free environment.

This process takes place after toilet waste together with the flush water have been brought in a chamber through a normal water closet.

Rapid separation of both human solid waste and water occurs through filtration and in the absence of air in a way that odor is not generated.

Contained in a biofil toilet bio digester is a living filter where the liquid portion of the flush is quickly drained away and channeled through a leachate pipe into the top soil (soak hole).

Before we go further, there are equally some important facts you must know about bio digesters in general.

Click to watch the video below to get an in depth understanding of how biofil biodigesters works.

The remains in the bio tank is the solid waste which is treated in the right environmental conditions where oxygen gets into it created for millions of microorganism and bacteria to further break it down by feeding on it.

This science is nothing new.

Those of us who keep household pets especially dogs can relate to it.

If your dog litters on your compound and the conditions are right, the dogs remains in a weeks time would have disappeared.

Nature has thus been replicated in a Biofil digester in which the effluent filters away very quickly and the solid simply disappears.

The use of locally sourced bio degradable materials means that these biodegradable waste disposal systems are good for the environment.

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How Do Bio Digester Toilets Work - All You Need To Know
How Do Bio Digester Toilets Work - All You Need To Know

How bio digester biofil toilets works has been explained in this video. The video is part of a series of education that this channel is doing to let home owners in Ghana and Africa as a whole understand that there's a better option to traditional manholes and septic tanks in Ghana today.

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